Gel Peel

The Gel Peel treatment reaches the layer of skin beneath the upper epidermis, thus healing below the surface, as well as regenerating the surface layer. There are two treatment options available: glycholic and salicylic. The glycholic peel is specifically for mature skin and incorporates firming properties, while reducing hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines.

The salicylis peel is formulated for skin affected by acne and irritation; it is an intensive anti-bacterial procedure to remove excess oil and bacteria from below the skin surface. Vitamin C is applied to the skin before the gel liquid peel formula is applied to optimize results. The peel is removed with a cold compress, followed by hydration and moisturizing procedures. Included with this service is a home care kit to assist you with ultimate skin maintenance. The Gel Peel treatment may also be combined with one of our facials for